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Alexa Meade :  People Transformed Into Paintings

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What you are about to see, are not paintings on canvas! Alexa Meade paints with acrylics directly on human flesh creating the illusion of painterly portraits.

“Alexa Meade is an installation artist based in the Washington, DC area. Her background in the world of political communications has fueled her intellectual interest in the tensions between perception and reality.

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From womb to tomb, we are bound to others…

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anime directed by Masaaki Yuasa (湯浅政明)

• Mind Game (2004) • Kemonozume (2006) • Kaiba (2008) •
• Tatami Galaxy (2010) • Kick-Heart (2012) • Ping Pong (2014) •

Me voy a meter a trucoteca #nintendo

Japanese Pokémon Crystal

Rei Ayanami, graphite pencil. 

I found this old drawing and I made ​​some tweaks / Encontré este viejo dibujo y le hice algunos retoques.
"Sora". Ink and graphite pencil / "Sora". Tinta y lápiz grafito. 


God damn it Jim! Luke Butler